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About The Prepared Mind

A memorable quote by Louis Pasteur — "Chance favors the prepared mind"— serves as the launching pad for this original book on leadership.

Pasteur's statement described an ability to invent, imagine, and innovate across a wide set of problems and situations. It's a critical thinking ability that requires careful attention and discipline, mental and emotional skills, and an acute awareness about surroundings and people. Using this ability, Pasteur forged groundbreaking techniques, and is acknowledged for his brilliant contributions to medicine and science.

Inspired by Pasteur, authors Bill Welter and Jean Egmon have developed a book geared to managers who want to acquire the same kind of "prepared mind" skills so they can lead and operate in a highly complex, diverse, and globally connected 21st century business world. According to Welter and Egmon, the underpinnings of truly successful and inspiring leaders are woven from eight distinctive skill areas:

Observing. Seeing beyond the obvious
. Moving from the known to the undetermined
. Envisioning the future before it arrives
. Pushing for higher and deeper thinking
. Choosing with consequences in mind
. Keeping a developmental mindset
. Exercising leadership from the outside in
. Looking backward, forward, and inward

When managers consciously and systematically work on these skills, Welter and Egmon believe they can have "the prepared mind" that will allow them to strategize and lead their organizations in increasingly demanding and fast-paced environments.

Drawing upon the authors' experience working with multi-national corporations, professional service firms, and Fortune 500 companies, The Prepared Mind includes interactive exercises, case examples, sidebar anecdotes, and mini-tests. Armed with the lessons from The Prepared Mind, readers will be challenged to fine-tune their abilities so they can be fully equipped to assume an active and effective leadership role.

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The prepared mind of the leader: Eight skills leaders use to innovate, make decisions, and solve problems.
Observe. Reason. Imagine. Challenge. Decide. Learn. Enable. Reflect.
Bill Welter, Adaptive Strategies Inc.,
Jean Egmon, Third Angle, Inc.,

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