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To learn more about the authors' speaking availability, consulting and other services, please explore the following websites:

Author Bill Welter is the managing director of Adaptive Strategies Inc., (ASI) an education and consulting firm that provides tailored or customized workshops to help organizations prepare for their tomorrows. To learn more about how ASI works and their standard offerings please go to mindprep.com and explore the site.



Author Jean Egmon is the President of Third Angle, Inc., a business innovation firm that offers services and tools in customer and employee engagement; integration of ideas and initiatives; and breakthroughs for value creation.  To learn more, please go to third-angle.com.


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The prepared mind of the leader: Eight skills leaders use to innovate, make decisions, and solve problems.
Observe. Reason. Imagine. Challenge. Decide. Learn. Enable. Reflect.
Bill Welter, Adaptive Strategies Inc., mindprep.com
Jean Egmon, Third Angle, Inc., third-angle.com